What does £25 buy you? A takeaway? A fancy bottle of wine? In The Gambia just £25 can feed an entire family for two months! 

Our rice donation scheme involves the purchase and personal delivery of 50KG bags of rice to extremely deprived families in The Gambia. Over the years, we've managed to deliver thousands of kilograms of rice within villages in the South of The Gambia.

Quite often, families never know where their next meal is coming from and buying a 50KG bag of rice can last a large family 1-2 months! 

Each year, The Gambia experiences a 6 month rainy season. During this time, the tourist industry, which for the majority of the population is their only source of income, completely shuts down and the workers are left without an income, resulting in them struggling to support and feed their families throughout the year. Being able to eat every day is a rarity within this poverty-ridden country and it is common for families to go without food for long periods of time. 

Rice donations are not a simple task as a lot of the families are located in remote villages and our little car struggles to reach them. All of the families we deliver rice to are very needy and the gratitude expressed is overwhelming. Some have been so grateful they cried at everyone's generosity.

This is a really meaningful and very beneficial gift for a family. We buy the bags ourselves before visiting the school and villages, and go to the individual compounds to deliver the rice to the family, where it's greatly appreciated.

One bag costs just £25! Please help us feed a family today.