Each year, we provide social support by organising family activities for some of the families that we support. During our time in The Gambia, we visit family compounds, where we distribute clothing and toys that are donated throughout the year.


We provide a day out to a local beach, where we spend an amazing day together, something families in The Gambia don't ever get to experience. We take the children into the sea, (a first for some), jump the waves and play beach games. We also order a large lunch for everyone, ensuring they all had full bellies, again a rarity in The Gambia. We love taking the families out together, it is such a rewarding and amazing experience which stays with them for life, and it is a truly appreciated social experience. 


Unfortunately, on our 2017 visit, whilst we were all playing in the sea, there was a nasty incident with a Portuguese man o’war jellyfish that badly stung two of the kids. Thankfully it didn't ruin the day, and the children continued to play in the sand, build sandcastles and even attempted to make a sand boat! It was lovely for the families to enjoy the day together, something they don’t experience in The Gambia. Lots of fun had by all and everlasting memories made! 

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