We're very proud to say that my Dad, Ken May completed a 14+ mile walk up Brean Down, Somerset, whilst raising money for PIFTA.

Walking long distances for my Dad is quite difficult these days, as he has suffered just a few injuries in his life. It began with a parachuting accident, which resulted in him crash landing to the floor whilst serving in the Royal Marines. He ended up with several crush fractures to his first second and third lower vertebrae, and a broken leg and toes! He carried on injuring himself several years later, when he was knocked off of his motorbike, badly breaking both of his legs, one of his arms and as a result spent a long time in hospital recovering. Over the years he has had to have several bits of surgery done to remove metal plates & pins and has recently had his left knee and right hip replaced, so to say that this was a challenge for him is an understatement. The walk itself was no simple task as the the walk up Brean Down is very difficult, even for people without any form of disability. He trained himself for many months and on occasion ended up virtually bed bound for a few days, as he was in a considerable amount of pain. 


We would like to say a huge thank you to all those that have supported and sponsored him on his journey with a special thanks to his two very kind friends that gave up their day and walked with him, John Cox and Lynn Price.